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Foodborne Illness: Common Sources of Listeria and Other Bacteria

Reports of food recalls for bacterial contamination are becoming more and more common. The news seemingly reports a new recall every few months. Where do these bacteria come from?...

Written by: Kim Ledingham

2.  News & Commentary

Does Wintertime Make You SAD?

Ever have one of those days? Itís the middle of the winter. The sky is overcast with a blanket of grey clouds. Sun? What is that? You get out of bed, dragging, and...

Written by: Kim Ledingham

3.  Medical Research

How Well Do You Sleep?

Sleep. Once thought of as an annoying, do-nothing, waste of time, scientists now understand that sleep provides the body with important time for restoration and regeneration. How well...

Written by: Kim Ledingham

4.  News & Commentary

Is it Possible to be Overweight and Healthy?

Whether you are considered overweight or obese is determined by your BMI. This tool is not always completely accurate, but generally speaking, even individuals who may be considered...

Written by: Kim Ledingham

5.  Medical Research

Medical Trials to Make Money: The Hidden Dangers

Would you consider participating in a medical trial to make money? Many people make some quick cash for enduring medical trials, some with potentially uncomfortable to downright...

Written by: Andrea Campbell